Kingston University Biodiversity Action Group

08-06-11 - Beach Clean up with KUSU Volunteering

Just because our campus is not near the seaside, it doesn't mean that we don't care about marine habitats. So along with KUSU Volunteering and the Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group we took to the beaches of Selsey Walsh to tidy up!

Although the wind did its best to thwart our efforts, everyone persevered and in total the 24-strong team we collected an impressive 73.5kg of litter!

The kind of litter that we were collecting was mostly plastics - bottles and bags, fishing net and food wrappers, cotton buds and cigarette lighters, plus hundreds of tiny pieces of plastic that had become indistinguishable. It really demonstrated our society's hunger for this non-biodegradable material, which when it makes its way to our marine environments can really harm many different marine birds, mammals and fish.

To find out more about the way that litter harms our marine environment, check out the Marine Conservation Society (who provided us with lots of really interesting information to share on the day).

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