Kingston University Biodiversity Action Group

16-11-11 : Plant a tree in your lunch break

This month, we took delivery of 100 trees which had been generously given to us by the Woodland Trust. An army of staff and students came along to help us plant them!

09-11-11 & 16-11-11 : Mini Mammal Monitoring

As part of the Mammal Society's Mini Mammal Monitoring scheme, we took to the Kingston Hill woodland to survey our small mammals...

03-11-11 : Big Woodland Work Day

In conjunction with BTCV and KUSU Volunteering, we took to the woodland to undertake some bramble bashing, rhododendron chopping, bamboo cutting, dead hedge laying, log pile making, selective sycamore felling and pond sedge pulling..... phew!

The team!

08-10-11 : Nature Trail Forage and Woodcraft

An Autumnal celebration of our woodland, this event saw staff and students discover exactly how useful and valuable our woodland is!

27-09-11 : Dorich House Bat Watch

A group of staff, students and local residents gathered at Dorich House on a warm September evening for a bat watch in the orchard...

08-06-11 - Beach Clean up with KUSU Volunteering

Just because our campus is not near the seaside, it doesn't mean that we don't care about marine habitats. So along with KUSU Volunteering and the Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group we took to the beaches of Selsey Walsh to tidy up!

11-05-11 : Hogsmill Balsam bash

Himalayan Balsam was our target when we met on the Hogsmill for an afternoon of Balsam bashing.....

16-02-11 : Woodland management afternoon

A small group of volunteers donned their wellies and rolled up their sleeves to do a bit of woodland management...

22-01-11 : Dorich House orchard extravaganza

Dorich House museum and its historic 100 year old orchard was the setting for our day of orchard antics...

Dorich House in the Autumn