Kingston University Biodiversity Action Group

08-10-11 : Nature Trail Forage and Woodcraft

An Autumnal celebration of our woodland, this event saw staff and students discover exactly how useful and valuable our woodland is!

We were guided by Mark Lloyd aka 'Bushmucker', who is a wood and bush craft instructor. During the first session, we rambled along the nature trail, finding out exactly what we could and couldn't forage. 

The favourite woodland snack of the day was the sweet chestnuts, which we collected at the start of the trail and cooked on a hot plate which was sat over our campfire. Other things sampled along the nature trail included ash keys (collected and pickled by Mark in the spring), beech nuts and haws.

Along the nature trail, we also harvested some Hazel from a coppice stump. This was utilised in the second session, as we sat around the campfire and learnt how to carve our own spoons!

Thanks to Mark for this enlightening session. If you are interested in a future woodcraft event, email to be put on to the events mailing list.

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