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03-11-11 : Big Woodland Work Day

In conjunction with BTCV and KUSU Volunteering, we took to the woodland to undertake some bramble bashing, rhododendron chopping, bamboo cutting, dead hedge laying, log pile making, selective sycamore felling and pond sedge pulling..... phew!

The team!

Kingston student volunteers got stuck in with the regular BTCV volunteers to learn a thing or two about woodland management. 

Bramble bashing

Non-native invasive species which threaten the woodland, such as rhododendron and bamboo, were 'bashed' in order to stop their assault on the woodland. Dense bramble was also pruned back, to allow more light to reach some areas of the woodland floor.

Attacking the rampant woodland rhododendron

Two impressive dead hedges were created, using materials arising from the days pruning and recent tree works. One is designed to stop foot traffic which is eroding a steep bank, the other is designed to provide habitat for woodland invertebrates, birds and small mammals.

The woodland dead hedge

Some brave volunteers even chose to get in the pond for a spot for sedge cutting. We will be doing a whole day of this in December!

Enthusiasm was high, and everyone got stuck in. Lunch, provided by KUSU Volunteering, was a welcome break and a chance to rest those aching arms.

Thanks to BTCV for providing leadership and tools on the day; thanks to KUSU Volunteering for drumming up such a great group of woodland workers; and thanks to all the volunteers who worked really hard - I hope you all had a great day!

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