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16-11-11 : Plant a tree in your lunch break

This month, we took delivery of 100 trees which had been generously given to us by the Woodland Trust. An army of staff and students came along to help us plant them!

The trees were a mixture of Rowan, Dogwood, Hawthorn and Hazel, all species which will fit in brilliantly amongst the woodland of Kingston Hill campus.

We planted the whips - year old trees - on the banking opposite Kenry House. This area was previously home to a tangle of non-native invasive Rhododendron which we have been tackling.

These trees will provide a really good replacement for the Rhododendron. They will anchor the soil of the bank, reducing the risk of erosion, and will provide some really pretty blossom and attractive fruits. They will provide a much better habitat for our campus wildlife than the sterile Rhody!

It was hard work, but with the help of some very dedicated volunteers, 70 of the trees were planted! The remaining whips are to be planted as a hedge in the community garden.

Thank you to everyone who gave up their lunch break to make the campus a little greener!

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