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09-02-11 : Hogsmill litter pick

We collected an impressive 10 full bags of rubbish during our river litter pick...

The Hogsmill River rises at Ewell in Surrey and runs about 6 miles until it meets the Thames at Kingston. When the river flows through our campus it has already travelled over 5 miles, picking up lots of litter along the way.

The stretch of river outside our campus is relatively shallow and slow flowing compared to the rest of the river, and so all the litter that it collects upstream tends to get caught up here.

During the Spring and Summer, there are loads of nesting waterfowl by our campus, so we decided to have a spring clean before they arrive.

Items that we found included a laptop screen, saucepan, garden shears (past their best), a few batteries and loads of plastic bottles, crisp packets and cans.

And best of all nobody fell in, although there were some close misses!

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