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27-10-12 : Woodcraft Day

Photographs from the third annual Woodcraft day at Kingston Hill...

A group of students and local residents gathered in the Kingston Hill woodland last Saturday to learn some woodcraft skills! Under the tuition of 'Bushmucker' Mark we learnt about woodland resources, tried our hand at firelighting and whittled some spoons!

Starting the day off by exploring the Kingston Hill woodland and learning about uses of different woodland plant. Nettle string has to be the most impressive!
A great biodiversity spot! A large bracket fungus on an Oak tree - probably a Beefsteak fungus.

Sourcing and harvesting a stem from one of the woodland's Sycamore coppice stands.

Next we tried some different methods of fire lighting.

Iron and flint - difficult to catch the spark, but very fun!
Remember the Sycamore that we harvested? Under the watchful eye of the Bushmucker, we set about to turn it into spoons!

A big thank you to Mark the Bushmucker for sharing his expertise with us! 

Want to take part in a biodiversity action group event? Join us in the Kingston Hill woodland on the 10th November for some Rhododendron bashing. Join the mailing list to find out more.

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