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28-08-2013 : Nature trail spruce-up

Good weather and good will brought out four keen volunteers on Wednesday to help clear our woodland nature trail of overgrowth - a much-needed task!

We could hardly see the trail for all the bramble that had enveloped it!

Bramble had crept right across much of the trail this summer, along with ivy and tall nettles. Even the holly trees were encroaching on the path. Not put off, the determined team strode ahead with shears. loppers and secateurs to restore order to the unruly patch.

Steve determinedly wields his shears at the overgrowth.
We thought on such a hot day this would be a pleasant task in the cooler woodland. But, even in the shade of the trees this was hot work!
 Denis and Phil certainly got a workout that afternoon while battling with the plants and collecting litter!

Bramble, ivy, holly and nettle all add value to the habitat by offering shelter and food for small mammals, birds and caterpillars, so we were careful not to cut back too much. We made sure we left the tasty, ripe blackberries on the bramble for hungry mice and voles!

Once the path was clear, we turned our attention to the log seating circle at the end of the trail and gave it a good tidy up.

Rachel and Phil reposition the log edging and seats.
It was a good job done - now the entire trail is fit for use again!

A tired but satisfied bunch after an afternoon's graft.
Thanks very much to Denis, Phil, Rachel and Steve for giving your time and helping out. All those who use the nature trail can now be assured of a scratch-free experience! Why not pop down to the Kingston Hill woodland and see for yourselves?

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