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17-09-14: The Kingston Award

Recognition for volunteering!

One for the Kingston Students among you.

For those of you who have been at Kingston awhile, or are just starting your journey, you may have heard about the Kingston Award. 

If you have, but:
  • didn't think that it was relevant to you,
  • thought that it was too late to take part,
  • you've not heard about it and so don't know what its all about;
The award is relevant to all of the students that volunteer on our biodiversity events as all of our events are registered with KUSU volunteering by registering for our events via the KUSU volunteering portal, you can have all your hours count towards The Kingston Award without having to do anything extra apart from registering!

The points based system recognises and celebrates your volunteering efforts along side all of your academic work. It can help identify additional skills you've gained and developed while volunteering, which may also enhance skills that you have learnt in your course, and it will showcase all of the things that you've been involved in to future employers.

The Kingston Award is open to all students: undergraduates, postgraduates and foundation level students.

To read more about the award and how it can benefit you, please visit My Kingston Site (you will have to log on to complete the link).

To sign up right now before you forget :) follow the step by step guide below:

  • •Login to StudySpace and click on the ‘module catalogue’ tab at the top of the screen.
  • •Enter “Kingston Award” into course search and click ‘go’. 
  • •Five modules will be listed, one for each Faculty. Hover the mouse over the version for your faculty. A little grey button with a down pointing chevron will appear. Click on this button and select ‘enrol’. 
  • •Click on ‘submit’ and then ‘OK’
  • •You are now enrolled on the Kingston Award.  The module will appear on your list of modules in StudySpace on the My Home page. 

On the Kingston Award page you will then see a series of questions which you will need to answer to determine how many points you may already have towards the Kingston Award through activities that you are currently involved with, or have done in the past.  

If you get stuck at any point contact Student Engagement and Enhancement on 020 8417 7445 or,  or just pop in and see them in the Town House Room 4, at Penrhyn Road.  

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