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15-06-2016: Help needed this summer

Get involved with biodiversity this summer
I hope you've all been well since the last update. 

We have a few events coming up this June which will hopefully interest I'm going to attempt to attach a video to this blog for the first time...feed back would be great :)

If you've not signed up to our newsletter you may have missed the update following our river event in May.

Help with a student research project:
One of our volunteers from the river event (Mathew Higgins) is conducting a student research project involving sustainability. Part of his project involves a questionnaire aimed at anyone who is involved, at any level, with sustainable goings on in Kingston. 

This is a link to his survey and the survey takes around 7-10 minutes to complete. If any of you are able to fill in the questionnaire, your help will be much appreciated. 

Networking and information session:
Get involved with local biodiversity groups and find out whats going on at the next Kingston Biodiversity Network meeting being held at Kingston University next Wednesday. Starting at 7pm, everyone is welcome - Find out more about the group on their Facebook site.

Balsam Bash in the Hogsmill:
We'll be running another balsam bash on our riverbank on Wednesday 29th June. from 1:30-4:30pm. We need your help to try to get these sneaking plants out of our riverbank before they flower and start to set seed. 

If you can help. Please email by Friday 24th June; with your full contact details as well as your shoe size so that we can make sure we have waders that will fit. 

To tempt you to join us...see how beautiful the river can look when the water is calm:
Filming could definitely be improved. If you have a short clip of wildlife around the university and would like to put it up on the blog - get in touch.

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