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13-04-2017: Woodland wonderings

March and the start of April saw lots of activity in the woodland at Kingston Hill. 

We started the month with our second ground flora day with the Environment Trust, thinning and digging up bramble roots around the Outdoor Learning Environment around the nature trail at Kingston Hill. 

Before digging
We also used a fallen tree (storm fell) to block up some of the unwanted tracks around the woodland to direct people on along the paths on the woodland walk and away from sensitive areas of planting. 
Safety, cutting, raking and digging were the order of the day
Enabling edible delights
The spring woodland workshop took place at the End of March. We learnt to carve spoons from green wood. the spoons created ranged from giant pan stirring implements to sugar spoons. 
As we headed into April the ground flora had started to emerge with the carpets of bluebells flowering in profusion.

Last week we had our third ground flora day at Kingston hill, concentrating on the nature trail.

We improved the edge definition, but back brambles, evened out some of the trip hazards and created a more compact loggery for invertebrates next to the multi-storey car park as well as continuing with litter picks in the area. 

April also saw our first big woodland replanting for some years at Kingston Hill, in areas where volunteers and the Green Team had previously cleared invasive rhododendron. The main areas of replanting were the island opposite Kenry House as well as the woodland opposite Kenry Lodge.
Transforming spaces
Some of the funding for the replanting came from Kingston University's Rose Award which KUBAG received for our work over the last 5 years with partners and volunteers in the Hogsmill River at Knights Park - see the November Newsletter for the award story

Plants and trees included Hazel, Beach, Hawthorn, Yew and Gorse. Why not keep an eye on the new planting and share your photos of the areas as the plants and trees get established. 

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