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18-02-12 : Nature trail maintenance

We spent a day in the woodland again, but this time doing a little maintenance work to our nature trail!

The Kingston Hill woodland nature trail is used year round by people on campus, and by visiting school groups. Its a brilliant little trail that takes you to a woodland clearing where you can spot a wealth of wildlife, including fungi, birds, huge Oak trees, creepy crawlies and lots of other interesting flora and fauna.

However to keep the trail safe, and looking nice for all its visitors, there was some work to do! The main task of the day was to sort out the 'bramble proof' matting that forms the base of the trail. This matting was put down to stop the trail being overtaken by the dense brambles that can be found in this part of our woodland. It has worked very well in places, but in others the edges of the matting were peeling up and apart from looking unsightly, were causing a trip hazard.

The cure was simple - find a bunch of hard working volunteers and they soon put it right!

First we peeled up the matting...
Then we removed a shallow layer of the underlying  mud

Next we relaid the matting, tucking the sides into the ground and replaced the mud on top
Finally we added a new layer of woodchip...

...and cut up some fallen logs to line the trail with. Job done!

Other really important jobs included removing litter from around the nature trail, and cutting back bramble from the path so that the people using the trail wouldn't get scratched!

Many thanks to all of the volunteers who came along, BTCV who led the day for us and to the Green Team who dropped off lots of woodchip and logs for us.

(p.s. If you want to visit the nature trail, whats stopping you? It can be found in the Kingston Hill woodland behind the multi-story car park)

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